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The Golf de Biarritz le Phare spreads on 34 hectares. It's a 69 par of a 5402 meters lenght.

It looks like being an easy course, which does not require any important physical efforts, but it’s really not. Its difficulty lies in his technicality and it is not that easy to « score ». 70 bunkers are there to remind us, if necessary is, that golf is, above all, a reflection and shrewdness affair.

The greens are fast, the rough very cautious.

The situation of the course, in town-centre - originality due to its old age - offers the great privilege to be near all necessary services : hotels, beaches, trades.

Nearness the ocean, it has the advantage, all along the year, of a temperate weather : soft in winter, rarely too hot in summer.


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Slope and SSS



  Noire Blanc Jaune Bleu Rouge
Slope - H 121 121 118 114 113
SSS - H 69 69 67,2 65 64,2
Slope - F 125 125 121 116 113
SSS - F - 74,3 72,5 69,8 68,8

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